What is itair®?

itair® is an innovative natural air purifier for indoor use. Incorporated into the design, a plant stops being just ornamental and becomes the key figure, as its purifying properties get amplified thanks to a technological core.

How does itair® works?

The itair® system is based on the phytoremediation principle, a “green” technology that uses plants to mitigate pollutants from soil, water and the air. In the itair® system, the plant becomes a real filter, thanks to microorganisms in its roots and it can actively metabolize toxic agents that are present in the air like VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Thanks to a forced mechanical ventilation, the system increases the air flux in the roots of the plant and it increases its effectiveness exponentially.

Smart vase

The itair® connects to Wi-Fi and it can be managed with a clever app. Thanks to the app, consumers will have a real-time experience:
• Real-time analysis of the pollutants in indoors spaces
• Temperature and Humidity monitor
• Analytics

The problem

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a serious concern as buildings have been increasingly sealed in an effort to reduce energy consumption. People spend almost 90% of their time indoors and, with recent figures suggesting indoor pollution can be up to 5 times higher than outdoor pollution, the World Health Organisation has listed it has one of the most dangerous threats for our health.

Volatile compounds may be produced by many sources, both natural and artificial (building materials, detergents, combustion, tobacco, electronics, human activities, paints, adhesives, deodorants, cosmetics, etc.) and although they are generally found at low concentrations, their mix can produce synergic and additive effects on our health.

Research and Analysis

The itair® has been tested thanks to specific laboratory exams which have proved its effectiveness. Scientific validation has been given by the combined work of LINV, International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology (www.linv.org) and PNAT, spin-off of the University of Florence (www.pnat.net), these are probably two of the most notable laboratories on plants in the world, which have also collaborated.

itair - we grow fresh air

itair - we grow fresh air

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