Hygiene is high on the agenda for consumers right now, and peace mind is really important. For manufacturers and designers looking to create interiors that clients can relax in, easy-to-clean and robust finishes are key considerations.

From state-of-the-art, ultra-hygienic surfaces, to low maintenance finishes that combine aesthetics with function, it’s understanding consumer concern that helps set the agenda for future designs.

It’s not just worksurfaces and cabinet fronts that we need to consider, every door and cabinet handle can be a hot spot for bacteria, particularly in shared spaces. While sales of anti-bacterial spray may skyrocket, the importance of handle hygiene is often forgotten.

Which is why we love the latest offering from our Italian partner Confalonieri, the option for SAFE Antimicrobial Painting on all products in their handle and accessories range, including custom items.
The Confaloreni range has modern solutions for kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. For specifiers of public spaces, both indoors and out – treated handrails offer the same protection.

Whether you’re a furniture manufacturer, kitchen designer, hospitality specifier, developer, yacht designer, or architect, your clients will be touching handles and rails throughout the day.

 When it comes to handle hygiene, you could say, we have it covered.

Why we love handles that bacteria hate

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