In kitchen manufacturing, the best relationships are the ones in which customers, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers listen to each other. And that’s because understanding the problem is the beginning of solving it, and pooling experience is the best way to create new directions.

And it’s these conversations with kitchen manufacturers that highlighted the growing interest in aluminium framed glass fronts. Increasing consumer interest in glass fronts, isn’t just bang on trend – it’s a portfolio addition that compliments a multitude of front finishes and interior designs.

Glass fronts have long been associated with cutting -edge design, and the shift towards industrial influence has led to a fast-paced evolution. What began with the adoption of open and illuminated display in adding visual depth, is fast-moving to a renaissance for glass fronts, seriously updated with contemporary appeal.


For many kitchen manufacturers, keeping up with the latest trends and product developments can seem impossible, particularly when extending your range means introducing products that are left of field of your current expertise or capability. And when you are already working at full tilt, it can be impossible to find answers to the many inevitable questions.

Kitchen Design Trends

What happens when your component supplier doesn’t have the products that you know will appeal to your customers, or your latest designs mean working with a new supplier that you know nothing about? How do you ensure that every detail and component meet the same high standards that you apply to all of your designs, that every product introduction will help build that all important reputation and referral? It’s tricky.

So, when the conversation about aluminium frames and glass fronts kept popping up, we put our thinking caps on. How could we solve an issue for our kitchen furniture clients, without their need to invest in new manufacturing facilities? And how could we add a contemporary twist to the portfolio of traditional bespoke kitchen makers, whilst ensuring the extraordinary level of quality they already guaranteed clients?

Thinking Hat

So, we spoke with our Italian partner Furnital, leading manufacturers of innovative, high-quality components for the furniture industry, exporting to over 50 countries.

We can’t name names, but think of some of the very best European and Italian designer kitchen, bedroom, and furniture brands, there’s a pretty high chance they turn to Furnital for component, hardware and storage solutions.

We asked if they could help create a new front product, perfectly suited to meet the needs of UK kitchen manufacturers. And boy, did they pull this one out of the bag.

Furnital Aluminium Kitchen doors

The result is a phenomenal aluminium frame glass front, available in a variety of glass and frame finishes, with three profile options that secure top-notch design flexibility.

Aluminium Framed Glass Fronts

For manufacturers and designers that have already spotted the enormous flexibility to create individual designs, using material to unite and divide the open-plan space – the addition of glass front and frame options represents an impressive boost to the design toolbox.

Furnital Aluminium Kitchen Doors

Kitchen manufacturers, joinery makers and kitchen brands are now able to order made-to -measure fronts, with bespoke offering available from May 2021. This is perfect timing for a nation of home-owners likely to remain keen to invest in their homes.

For component manufacturers, every part of this design must be-exacting. This is why we only work with the best Italian manufacturers. More than this, our portfolio of leading Italian manufacturers is handpicked so that we have total confidence that products work well together. Furnital already work in unison with another of our partners, leading component manufacturer Effegibrevetti.

The result? hinges that merge functionality and aesthetics, in unrivalled design. These are hinges so faultless and discrete that cabinets look as good open, as closed. This ingenious hinge mechanism is available with 20 and 30kg load capacity, as soft closure, push to open, and without spring mechanism. With lateral, vertical and horizontal adjustment, fitting is optimised.

Recessed hinges

We are excited and more than a little proud to be able to offer our kitchen clients the chance of adding aluminium frame glass fronts to their design armoury. It’s been a blast working with Furnital, who are keen to support the UK kitchen market by tailoring products to meet the needs of the individual market.

The conversation we have with clients always reveals potential, and understanding the individual business puts us in the privileged position of being able to help. Keep talking, we will keep listening.

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