Covid-19 is changing the way we work but if you don’t have the space for a dedicated home office, working from home can be a challenge. To combat this, our partners at Atim, have launched the ShelfDesk – a complete workstation consisting of a wooden cabinet equipped with a pull-out top.


ShelfDesk, the ready-to-use workstation

ShelfDesk is a space-saving piece of furniture equipped with an extra work top which opens and closes as needed. When open, it becomes a retractable desk. Once closed, ShelfDesk acts as a cabinet or shelf, optimising the space available in any situation.

ShelfDesk is supplied fully assembled and ready for use. Furthermore, it is possible to install it directly on a wall or hook it to another existing piece of furniture with the use of its special Clamp kit or Shelf Supporters kit.

There are 3 versions available: Desktop, Laptop and Workstation.

ShelfDesk Desktop

ShelfDesk Desktop consists of a pull-out top without front, with an underlying compartment to keep your keyboard and mouse for example.

ShelfDesk Laptop

ShelfDesk Laptop adds a front to the extractable desk, which hides the underlying compartment, ideal for those who want a more complete aesthetic.

ShelfDesk Workstation

ShelfDesk Workstation constitutes a real work and study station including not only the pull-out top with front, but a cabinet with USB / 230V socket, perfect for keeping the computer always charged while following lessons from a distance or attend business meetings.

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