Photo by Enrique Hoyos from Pexels

Whilst many furniture designers and manufacturers may have overlooked the tiny house movement, the gap between traditional interiors and the tiny homes concept is closing. And nestled within that gap, is an exciting opportunity to extend ranges and create growth.

Lack of affordable housing, high living costs, and concerns over carbon footprint are all part of the many reasons why increasing numbers are looking at the tiny house market.

Photo by Enrique Hoyos from Pexels
Photo by Enrique Hoyos from Pexels

think big, go small

For some, it’s the appeal of stepping off the treadmill of working long hours, just to keep up with spiralling living costs, that may drive the desire to sell up and downsize. For those that stay put, the impact of social change in their current home, is likely to increase demand for space saving solutions and adaptable furniture designs. And between the two, is the gap that is creating impetus for a new look at interior design.

With a global health crisis forcing us to re-assess priorities, alongside an insecure job market – there is every likelihood that the tiny house movement will attract more interest than ordinarily would have been expected.

so, what is the average house size?

According to a study conducted by self-storage experts, Space Station, house sizes within the UK average price bracket (£210k – £250k), are 81.6 square metres on average, with Londoners having to make do with tiny 45.75 square metre of space. And this, before taking the impact of lockdowns and social distancing into consideration.

tiny house syndrome

Suddenly, the average UK home has become a tiny home, without the financial benefits, or the freedom. Imagine a family of 5, where in normal circumstances one or both adults could be out of the house for most of the day. Both may now be at home, children and teens on varied timetables, with the potential for extended periods at home with short notice. From city apartment to country cottage, who could have anticipated that kitchens, living and bedroom spaces would need to double up as an office, or classroom?

the hallmark of tailored design

Most kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom furniture manufacturers are increasingly adept at maximising storage, making the most of every square cm. And furniture with accessories and optimised storage that keeps clutter in check, is fast becoming the hallmark for high quality and bespoke design.

award winning solutions

With Europe leading the way for mechanisms and components that easily integrate into current offerings, it’s easier than ever for the UK manufacturer to offer ingenious solutions that increase worktop space and storage. And all, whilst adding style without impacting on already space starved interiors.


Tiny spaces for city dwellers.

Tiny spaces for city dwellers. Global Italian kitchen & furniture company Scavolini picked up the prestigious NYCxDESIGN Award for this neat project, after working in collaboration with AtimSpa and the ingenious transformable range. The key to creativity, is in finding solutions to problems and the best place for that, is in Europe.

don’t take our word for it

The tiny house movement however, takes it even further. Furniture that slides out, folds over, tucks away and turns into something else, are all pretty standard. Tiny house designers think outside the box in order to maximise every tiny bit of potential. It’s hard to imagine that a small bus could provide enough kitchen storage and working space to meet the needs of 5 people, but not only is it possible, there are some extraordinarily inventive solutions create truly inspirational designs. Don’t take our word for it though, just take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, to see how much interest the tiny house storage is gaining.

Tiny House ideas

As a UK manufacturer, this growing market provides an impressive source of inspiration to rethink future offerings. And should the tiny house movement continue to grow, you’ll already be ahead of the curve.

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