Let’s be frank. Kitchens look great, but bins often smell. And you may have the most beautiful fitted wardrobe – but if your insoles whiff, it’s hard to feel zen.

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For furniture manufacturers, these are the realities of life worth paying attention to. Creating tailored solutions for living, is now more than simply storage and function, ensuring user experiences continue to deliver beyond fitting is part of a holistic approach to design. After all, a new kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom is an investment, with experience part of the ROI.

As a manufacturer or designer, understanding customer needs
is being one step ahead of those that don’t.

The importance of clean air is high on the agenda right now, unpleasant odours always were. This is why Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro was the go-to guru for our smart tech partners. Check Up are innovators, so they collaborated to create 6 blends of natural essence, created for kitchen, bedroom, and working environments.

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If you are designing tailored kitchen, bedroom, living or home office spaces – without considering air quality and aroma, then you are missing an opportunity to really improve your clients experience.

Kitchen bins and waste cabinets cope with a multitude of odour, and bacteria can multiply with impressive speed. With ionization and ozonisation dealing with pollutants, the kitchen is improved with lemon and vanilla based blends. Antiviral, antibacterial and a wellbeing boost.

Bedrooms, fitted wardrobes, and walk-in closets are ideal places for two evocative scent blends. Scents that remind us of clean fresh linen, and the light floral aroma that reminds us of talcum powder. Research shows that this is a smell that connects emotions and memories. Perfect choices for the boudoir.

And for the living space and office, two blends of thematic notes. Sandalwood, rosewood cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves share anti-micro bacterial qualities and combine to boost mood, increase alertness, and reduce stress. For a sweet and earthy boost, a fusion of juniper, fern, blueberry essential oils unite antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fragrance can be customised for individual orders. Kitchen and bedroom furniture must appeal to the senses, and for the first time, using smart tech means you can add olfactory pleasure to the repertoire.

Sounds good already, but did we mention the built-in air quality sensor, the smart app control, or super easy installation?

Clean air is the best and most natural wellbeing booster, but in a home and office setting, we really benefit from top-notch innovation.

Light floral aroma

Clean Air

The AirCub is an Internet of things (IoT) device, featuring an air quality sensor that delivers up to date information via WIFI, and is easily monitored and controlled by your smartphone or tablet. And this is the crème de le crème of air tech products, featuring the interchangeable ceramic filter, with the Dante Ferro natural essence blends.

With increasing awareness of the importance of air quality, and with more time at home, consumers will be keen to improve air quality and freshness throughout the house.


This makes now the ideal time for manufacturers and designers to focus on these key issues. AirCub is a discrete and clever solution that uses an ionization and ozonisation process to remove VOCs, bacteria, viruses, electro-static charge, mould, dust-mites and other allergens. With natural fragrance, air quality and aroma are significantly improved.

Easily fitted into cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes, the AirCub effortlessly destroys up to 99% of harmful agents while effortlessly reducing odour.

AirCub Light

Air pollutantsFor some clients, the priority will be air quality, without the benefit of air freshening aroma. The compact AirCub light is an ideal choice for closed spaces. Using an UV-A Led lamp, combined with a catalytic filter, the compact AirCub Light eliminates up to 99% of harmful air pollutant. This natty model provides peace of mind for clients concerned about bacteria, viruses, VOCs, mould, and allergens.

AirCub Fresh

For clients that like to add delicate scents to closets, cabinets, and cupboards, the AirCub Fresh is a great addition. Designed with a high quality interchangeable ceramic filter, the AirCub dispenses beautiful and holistic scents, blended in collaboration with one of the world’s best noses.

Did we mention that some of Dante Ferro’s perfumes have been snapped up by some well-known celebrities? We just can’t get that out of our heads!


For manufacturers of kitchen, utility, bedroom, living and office furniture, the AirCub and AirCub Light are compact air purifiers with impressive performance, designed to fit neatly and discreetly wherever it is needed, but it’s not just the inside of the home that the AirCub presents real advantages.

From luxury yachts to hotels, and B&Bs to Airbnb holiday rentals, keeping an eye on air quality and freshness adds real value to the experience. With guests coming and going, quick turnaround check-out and check-in, it’s hard to boost the air quality without having to use unpleasant and chemical air fresheners. Including an AirCub is the ideal way to keep fresh air optimised, and naturally maintaining a fresh and welcoming aroma.

AirCubs are easily retro-fitted to furniture, presenting and valuable opportunity to improve current room designs in homes and hotelier settings.

AirCub Hotels

In furniture manufacturing, luxury starts at the top. And some of Europe’s leading luxury furniture manufacturers have already spotted the importance of enhancing client experience post-installation.

BeB Italia

Interior design is all about creating a lasting experience, and for designers, specifiers, and furniture manufacturers, taking a holistic approach to design is the way forward. And where better place to start, than the air we breathe.

AirCub Light

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